Electric bus with 350 mile range

Proterra Electric bus

Proterra reveals electric bus with 350 mile range

American bus manufacturer Proterra has just revealed a new electric bus with a reported range of 350 miles.

When it comes to electric powertrains, they have certainly experienced a growth in popularity in the recent years. Due to advancements in technology, manufacturers are now able to do a lot more when it comes to alternative powertrains, which is having a noticeable effect on the industry.

Although electric cars have been around for over 100 years, it wasn’t until recently that they’ve reached a new level.

Electric buses already exist, but for the most part remain uncharted territory. They’re fairly new to the market, which makes them quite exciting.

Proterra is no stranger to electric buses, having produced a number of them throughout the years. The new E2 however, is different.

What makes the new bus stand out is its 350 mile range. This isn’t something that we have seen before, which puts Proterra at the forefront of the electric bus game.

Producing an electric bus is one thing, but making sure that it remains powerful and practical is another story. The brand managed to do what many others have failed at; produce an appealing electric bus with a promising mile rage.

Appearance-wise, the E2 doesn’t really bring anything new to the table. It sports a standard design, which in a way is quite appealing.

When it comes to electric buses, manufactures often try too hard to come up with futuristic styling. They think that by creating something out of the box, people will instantly be enticed by it. This isn’t the case, as most of the time, they end up looking quite horrendous.

The new E2 sits 40 and is expected to weigh around 18 tonnes, which is quite a lot.

Whether you’re a business looking to transport people, or an individual looking to live life on the road, the E2 is shaping up to be a fantastic electing bus. If you’re thinking about looking for a car valuation service in order to sell your car and grab an E2 before they’re all gone, consider whether you are really going to use a bus first.

What are your thoughts on the Proterra E2? Are you a fan, or do you prefer more standard powertrains on buses. Tell us what you think and return soon for more articles from Cars Talk UK.