Some facts about the new Audi Q7

Some facts about the new Audi Q7

The Audi Q7 was first introduced in 2005 in Germany. This car is considered to be one of the best luxury crossover SUV. It is a full sized car with full options and luxury for the driver. The previous model was such a success that Audi has taken its time to come up with a new generation. However, it is now releasing its new model of Q7 in 2017 which will play a crucial role in the production of other cars like Porsche and Volkswagen. With the upcoming launch of this car, there are a few facts that you should know.

The new model has been made lighter than before. In fact, about 240 kilogrammes have is reduce during the production of the new generation. A lighter car means that the car is efficient and gives a better performance. The producers have learnt how to use the lightweight aluminium structure to give the car a better edge overall.

The new generation Q7 has a much more aggressive look than before. The size is comparatively smaller than the previous generation. The jaunty and classy grille added to this generation with fenders that stand out are similar to Audi’s Quattro coupe. Moreover, the wheels are larger which is also optional for the buyer. This massive luxurious SUV has now 20-21 inch wheels.

A lot of technology is incorporate into the new Audi Q7. An easy to use intuitive MMI system along with the new Audi Connect connectivity system has also been installed. Virtual Cockpit is also a satellite navigation map which you can find on the instrument panel.

The designers of the car have been smart to create more space within the car. Even though the new model has been made narrower, there’s more headroom and shoulder room. Moreover, the second row of seats can move back and forth making it comfortable while giving the people sitting inside more room.

An air float suspension is also available which is optional but gives the driving experience a whole new effect. The car is super efficient and has been improved in performance levels compared to the previous models. These facts are not known by many, but if you are interested in this massive SUV, then you should be aware its mechanics entirely.

Some facts about the new Audi Q7
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Some facts about the new Audi Q7
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