Ford Focus RS HPE400 by Hennessey performance brand

Hennessey Ford Focus RS

Hennessey HPE400 Ford Focus RS

The new updated Ford Focus RS is coming by Hennessey and as the name suggests it will have exactly 400bhp.

The American tuning company Hennessey is working to improve the already impressive hot hatchback.

They plan to increase the standard 345bhp Ford Focus RS to be able to achieve 400bhp. The big hit of power will surely make a huge difference as to how the car handles and is driven. Most people would have been okay with the typical 345bhp as that is already more than enough power for most people. However, in the industry, people are constantly looking to improve and innovate already created technology to be more effective and powerful.

The upgrade is expected to be made available and ready sometime next month. It is not yet known whether this upgrade will be available in the UK and if it was then it would surely have to compete with the Ford Focus RS kit from the local UK tuners Mountune.

The claims made by Hennessey is that the new upgrades will totally increase the mid-range power by 75bhp which will mean that the Focus RS should be a lot quicker during overtaking or accelerating out of corners.

The local Mountune kit replaces the Focus RS’s intake and blow-off valve, and also retuning the ECU. Hennessey HPE400 on the other hand will benefit from a brand new stainless steel mid-pipe for the exhaust and high-flow air filter.

The UK firm has a great advantage on the upgrades however as the local upgrade is protected and backed by the Ford factory warranty. Hennessey will not be which means that it would be a lot riskier to install the US upgrades and keep them running as they could cost you more in the long run.

The Hennessey kit will cost just $2,995 (around £2,262) for all the parts, including ‘Powered by Hennessey’ and HPE400 badges. For $4,995 (around £3773) Hennessey will fit the upgrade for you, including a retune on a dyno.

So what are your opinions on the new Hennessey upgrade to the Focus RS? Is it increase car value? Let us know in the comments below.