Getting the most for your unwanted vehicle

Getting the most for your unwanted vehicle

Whether you’re selling your vehicle privately or to a car-buying service, it’s crucial that you take necessary steps, in order to get the most for your car. It’s no secret that your car’s condition plays a big role in the valuation process, and the better shape your car is in, the more you are going to get offered for it.

Whilst, many choose to sell their cars in their current condition, investing a little money into improving the car’s condition can make a huge difference.

We’ve decided to put together a short guide, to help you prepare your vehicle and get it into shape, prior to selling it.

Although, most car owners do everything they can to keep their vehicles in good shape, things can occasionally happen that have an impact on the car’s overall state. This is inevitable; however, there are things you can do to change that.

When you bring your vehicle in to get appraised, it is going to be inspected very thoroughly, so it’s crucial that you check every last corner, to ensure that nothing needs fixing.

Start by inspecting the car yourself. Are there any scratches? Do the wipers need replacing? These are all things that might seem small and unimportant, but can make a big difference when it comes to selling your vehicle.

Check, the engine to ensure that everything is in working order. There are numerous guides online, to help you with car maintenance, so give them a read if you’re not that comfortable with certain things.

Small dents and scratches can often be fixed at a low cost, so instead of hoping for the best, simply get them fixed and you’ll likely going to get a much better offer. It’s really not worth leaving things and hoping for the best, when you can make necessary changes and improve your chances.

It’s important to remember that the exterior isn’t the only thing that’s going to get inspected. Many people completely ignore the interior, further decreasing the value of their vehicle.

Simply, doing a little tiding up can make a great difference. The cleaner your vehicle is, the better shape it’s in; therefore, spend some time cleaning the interior, and make it feel fresh. You wouldn’t buy a car that was filthy or smelled funny, so don’t expect others to do so.

Again, the same goes when it comes to the exterior. Give your vehicle a thorough wash and make it clean and tidy. Nobody wants to see a filth-covered car, and simply washing the vehicle doesn’t cost a thing if you do it yourself. Why should someone buy a car off you if you haven’t bothered to clean it first? It’s common sense, yet many people opt to bring their cars in without putting any effort in to make them presentable.

Checking the tyres can also help you increase the car’s value. If they need replacing for whatever reason, just do it, and you’re likely going to get offered more. If you don’t do it, the next owner will have to, and they’re not going to pay you a lot of money, if the vehicle requires a lot of work.

Another things, that’s crucial to getting the most for your vehicle, is making sure that you have all the required documentation. Without a log book or the car’s history, you’re not going to get as much money. Prior to your appointment, try to get all the papers together, and only then take everything in. You wouldn’t want to purchase a vehicle without knowing where it came from, so don’t expect other people to do that just because you’re not prepared.

If anything’s missing, try to find out whether you can get a replacement. Most documents can be given to you upon request, so instead of hoping you’re not going to need a piece of paper, make sure you have it so that when it’s asked of you, you have it ready.

Getting your car back into shape doesn’t necessarily have to be a hassle, so don’t let it be that. Simply take the necessary steps, and you’re likely going to get offered more for the car, than you would’ve has no work been done on it. Put some effort in, as it will pay off in the end.

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Getting the most for your unwanted vehicle
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Getting the most for your unwanted vehicle
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