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Infiniti: Brand to introduce new SUV and engine

It has just been revealed that Infinity is developing a new engine, one that is reportedly going to revolutionise the way we travel. On top of that, it has been confirmed that the brand is working on the QX50’s replacement, which is said to be a medium-sized crossover.

The premium segment is currently booming. People are more open to luxury vehicles than ever before and manufacturers are cashing in on the trend.

Nissan’s Infinity band has given us numerous vehicles over the years that showcased just how far we have come. By offering extreme luxury and elegance, the brand quickly cornered the market and became a leader of sorts when it comes to premium cars.

The brand is reportedly preparing to up its game with a new engine that is currently in development. According to reports, the petrol engine will offer the power of a V6 with diesel economy. Some are sceptical about whether the brand will manage to live up to its word; however, according to various sources the new engine will revolutionise the way we travel.

On top of the new engine, the brand is also currently working on the QX50’s replacement. Although, much has not been revealed about the vehicle yet, we know that it’s going to be a medium-size crossover that’s going to be available globally.

It looks like Infinity is going all out to elevate its game to another level. The new QX50 is reportedly going to be based on the QX Sport Inspiration concept that made its debut at the Beijing Motor Show, with a scheduled production run for 2018.

Although, much hasn’t been revealed yet about Infinity’s latest ventures, the next few years will definitely be interesting for the brand. With a lot of exciting stuff currently in the pipeline, fans of the brand can rest assured knowing that the Infinity isn’t going anywhere any time soon.

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Infiniti: Brand to introduce new SUV and engine
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Infiniti: Brand to introduce new SUV and engine
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