Mazda 2 Red Edition revealed

Mazda 2 Red Edition

Mazda 2 “Red Edition” revealed

Mazda has just revealed its latest special edition, this time of the popular Mazda 2 supermini. Named the Red Edition, the new vehicle offers high-specs and incredible styling, making the Mazda 2 a much more appealing vehicle.

It’s not unusual for carmakers to introduce special edition of their popular models. Many have done this before and although most were quite successful, few failed to win over customers.

Mazda hopes to make its popular supermini more appealing, by launching a new high-spec Red Edition, designed to appeal to a slightly more high-end buyer.

Although, most focus was placed on the car’s specs, the brand went all out giving the car a new look. Customers can choose between Snowflake White and Black Mica paint, and the new Soul Red-coloured roof spoiler and rear underskirt give the car a more striking look.

Inside, the Red theme continues with red seats and a red finish, which give the car’s interior a little character.

The car comes packed with a great number of extras including air conditioning, Bluetooth and cruise control.

Powered by a 1.5-litre SKYACRIV-G petrol engine capable of producing 89bhp, the vehicle offers good performance at a reasonable price. It offers great fuel economy, which in today’s market is appealing to many.

Scheduled to go on sale this September, prices will reportedly start at £14,995, making the Mazda 2 Red Edition quite an affordable option.

Superminis have always done rather well with car buyers and the Mazda 2 is no different. It’s a popular vehicle that received great reviews when it was introduced, so the Red Edition will likely go down well with buyers.

It’s great to see manufacturers continuously trying to reinvent their vehicles and introduce something different and unique to make their vehicles more appealing to a wider variety of car buyers.

The Mazda 2 is one of many great cars the brand currently has on offer, which proves that Mazda is here to stay.

What do you think of the Mazda 2 Red Edition? Are you considering purchasing the car once it becomes available? Let us know, and don’t forget to return shortly for all the latest from the automotive industry.

Mazda 2 Red Edition revealed
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Mazda 2 Red Edition revealed
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